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Version 0.61 beta
17th April, 2004

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Previous versions of MiniDisc used Nick Craig-Woods Director application for the generation of icons and menus. Many users were put-off of using MiniDisc due to the complexities of Director.

Introducing MiniDisc Shortcuts...

From version 0.5.0 onwards, MiniDisc no longer depends upon Director, generating icons and menus all by itself! In fact, with the introduction of Shortcuts menus and Filters, MiniDisc almost completely replaces Director!

Features include:

  • Straight-forward, fully WYSIWYG drag-and-drop menu builder
  • Shortcuts menus can be opened from:
    • The main MiniDisc menu
    • As additional menus from the iconbar icon
    • Attached to other shortcuts menus
    • Via a keyboard shortcut
    • From a desktop filter
    • Via a * Command (so that you can use them in other programs)
    • Assigned to a Toolbar button

Shortcuts menus can contain items to:

  • Exexute RISC OS commands
  • Open files, directory viewers or run applications
  • Launch URLs
  • Generate hierarchical directory listings menus
  • Link to other shortcuts menus
  • Coming soon: Insert keystrokes into the keyboard buffer
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