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Version 0.61 beta
17th April, 2004

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MiniDisc implements a number of popular desktop patches, along with a few of its own

Window title menu

This is an implementation of the 'TitleMenu' program, generating a directory navigation menu when you click menu over a windows title bar.

Save to Pinboard

Ever needed somewhere to quickly save a file to, but not had a filer window to hand? Well now you can save any file to the Pinboard!

Open Apps

Who needs a keyboard? OK, so you may still need it, but all of that messing around with Shift to open application directories can be consigned to the past with the re-implementation of another old idea - DoubleTake. Holding down the second click when double clicking on an application folder will turn it into a shift-double-click instead!

Drag Open

Heres a new one - Have you ever started to drag a file from one filer window only to find that the destination directory isn't open? Maybe the directory you want to put the file you're dragging into is a subdirectory of some other filer window which is on screen. OK, so you've got to stop dragging the file you've got, go and open the folder, then start your drag action again. ... Not any more! Whilst dragging files, if you hover over a folder and press Ctrl, MiniDisc will tell the filer to open it for you, allowing you to save your file where you want all in one operation!

Task Switcher

CoolSwitch by Andy Armstrong is a really useful program which displays a window of running programs / windows when Alt and Tab are pressed. Unfortunately it isn't 32bit compatible. To remedy this, MiniDisc has been extended to include a new and improved task / window switching tool.

At present, these filters are limited to those that MiniDisc requires, however future versions will incorporate an easy-to-use filter creation tool that will allow you to build your own desktop filters.

Watch this space...

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