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17th April, 2004

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... A strange idea to go around telling people about other programs that you could use instead of MiniDisc, but hey!

In an attempt to build a program that you want to use, and does the things that you want in the way that you want them to, I am constantly keeping an eye out for programs, and watching the newsgroups for comments on how programs are good / bad. All of this information is then stashed away on my harddrive to ensure that MiniDisc development occurs in the way in which you (the user) wants it to.

Application Launchers
These are the primary applications which MiniDisc attempts to emulate / replace. If you use one of these, then I want you to use MiniDisc. If you don't want to use MiniDisc, then let me know what your favourite program does that MiniDisc doesn't, and I'll see if it can!

Mouse Modifiers, Desktop Filters and Patches
This is a bit of a crossover category. MiniDisc does not claim to be a desktop patch, although many of it's features employ 'patching' ideas to work the way that I want them to. That said, there are often some good ideas in these sort of programs that could well fit into MiniDisc.

Pinboard Enhancers
This category is really only here for completeness. I have examined a number of Pinboard enhancer programs whilst investigating a 'best approach' for MiniDisc development. MiniDisc does not attempt to emulate these programs (although you may find them useful).

If you know of any other programs that fit into the above categories, or you have a feature that you would like to see in MiniDisc, then you can email me with details of it here.

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 Application Launchers
StrongMen Freeware
Director Freeware
AppDoc2 Freeware
Toolbar PD
Menon Shareware
Office Shareware
Highway Shareware
DeskGuide Freeware
NeXTBar Shareware
SmartBar Shareware
WimpBar Freeware
CurlBack Freeware
TreeMenu Unknown
Draggie Commercial

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 Mouse modifiers, Desktop filters and patches
MouseAxes Freeware
Filters Freeware
CDViewer Freeware
BlackHole2 PD
Kysmet Rhubarbware
MoreIBar Freeware
MultiDriv Shareware
TitleMenu Freeware
FontShadow Freeware

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 Pinboard Enhancers
Larger Commercial
MegaBoard Shareware

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